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User interface

The main view holds the input of the room/building geometry, the climate and all constructions.



Heating, ventilation, occupancy... all important time-dependent values can be defined with schedules.


Ventilation model

Natural ventilation is particularly important for summer thermal comfort, which represents in THERAKLES also the user behavior.


Datenbases and editors

THERAKLES contains an extensive material database and allows definition of own materials.

Material layers can be combined to constructions which are added to the THERAKLES construction database.

Also, glazings and windows are stored in databases and can be edited, whereby the solar heat gain coefficient can be specified as function of incidence angle.

Results analysis

The built-in results view contains monthly balances:

Annual balances:

and detailed hourly outputs, which can be analized directly in zoomable diagrams where output curves and components can be enabled/disabled.

Also, the results are stored as plain text files in CSV-format which can be imported into spreadsheet calculation software (Excel, LibreOffice, etc.) and other post prozessing software

or edited/anaylized via scripts.


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