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User Manual

Documentation is available as:


The following scientific publications, presentations and research reports are available about MASTERSIM:

Special features

Scripting possibilities

MasterSim can be used from scripts, for example when variation studies are done. For that purpose, project files are plain-text and can created/edited with scripts easily. The actual simulator is provided as command line executable MasterSimulator, which can be called from scripts.

Assisting FMU Development

MasterSim can be configured via command line arguments to extract FMUs automatically, or use already extracted FMUs. This allows compilation of the shared libraries/DLLs in debug mode and let MasterSim load these librares, instead of those packaged in the FMU, which allows external debugger use. Also, you can directly fix errors in the modelDescription file without unpacking/repacking the FMU archive.

Simulation Scenarios with several FMU instances

MasterSim supports multiple instances of the same FMU within one simulation scenario. In order to avoid FMU instances overwriting each others results, a directory structure layout is defined and FMU-specific base paths are communicated to each FMU slave. This allows batch processing/parallel execution of several simulation scenarios (runs of MasterSimulator) where the same FMU is instantiated many times.


Bugs, feature wishes, thanks and complains

The GitHub project also hosts a bug/request tracker where you can create issues/tickets about bugs and problems or describe features that you might miss.


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