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Simulation program for the calculation of coupled
heat, moisture, air, pollutant, and salt transport
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Delphin is a simulation program for the coupled heat, moisture, and matter transport in porous building materials. The Delphin software is used for a range of different applications:

Design/Engineering Practice

Delphin is used for:

  • Calculation of thermal bridges including evaluation of hygrothermal problem areas (surface condensation, interstitial condensation)
  • Design and evaluation of inside insulation systems
  • Evaluation of ventilated facade systems, ventilated roofs
  • Transient calculation of annual heating energy demand (under consideration of moisture dependent thermal conductivity)
  • Drying problems (basements, construction moisture, flood, ...)
  • Calculation of mold growth risks
  • ... and further applications

Thermal bridge
Hygrothermal Simulation of Thermal Bridge (steel beam)
[Enlarge with click on image]

Research and Development

Delphin is used in research and development for:

  • Material developmen and optimization
  • Research of salt transport and salt related damage and degration of building materials
  • Description of pollutant/VOC transport (emission) in multi-layered constructions and materials
  • ... and several other research areas


Specials of the Delphin Software

The Delphin program has a number of advantageous features:

  • State-of-the-Art models for physical processes (current state of research)
  • very efficient solver (see Benchmarks)
  • clear and user friendly program interface (short learning curve)
  • direct control of all input parameters
  • editable material and climate data
  • integrated grid generation and post-processing tool

  • flexibly applicable for different tasks (1D, 2D, ...)
  • reasonable License (free for students, academic license for research and education)
  • frequent updates, new features are made available quickly
  • good e-mail and phone support (for commercial licenses)
  • Training and seminars for users from design practice, researchers, and students



The software can be downloaded and tested from the download directory as time limited, but otherwise full version (see also Downloads).


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