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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists frequently asked questions and answers for quick reference. It is quite new so feel free to address your questions to

   delphin [AT]
Furthermore, you can find hints in our tutorials (documentation and help) or in the forum.


Content: >> Climate settings
>> Material properties
>> Miscellaneous

Climate settings

Assigning moisture or heat sources

If moisture or heat sources shall be assigned the units have to be taken into account necessarily. In DELPHIN, the unit for eg moisture sources is dependent on time AND volume: kg/m³s (or kg/m³h). Therefore, the known output parameters are to convert.
Example: In a two-dimensional construction, an area of 0.25 m height and 1 m width shall be burdened for 10 days (=240 h) with 0.5 kg/m² in total. To find out the dimensions of an area mark it, in the bottom left of the construction window the dimensions are shown. Except when otherwise agreed, the extension in z-direction is 1 m. The volume burdened with moisture measures 0.25 m³, the area 1 m². In DELPHIN >> Conditions >> Field has to be declared:

0.5 kg/m² / (0.25 m * 240 h) = 0,00833 kg/m³h
for a time period of 10 days.

NOTE: In DELPHIN single elements can reach water contents over saturation which can lead to relative humidities above 100%. This may slow down the simulation.

Change or generate climatic data

Climatic data included in DELPHIN are located in the folder DB_climate_data, e.g. in

C:\Program Files (x86)\IBK\Delphin 5.9
Open the file to be changed or the climate component you want to generate with a text editor or tabulation program. During import into a tabulation program watch that dots are recognized as decimal separators (in Excel’s text-conversion assistant: step 3 at Others). Now, change the values or insert complete new values and save the file. Again watch that decimal separators are dots not commas (eventually rework with ‘Find and replace - Ctrl+H ’ in a text editor). At tabulation programs the files can be saved as text file (format tapstop separated *.txt).

Afterwards, rename the format from .txt to .ccd and import it to DELPHIN (Conditions >> Climate >> New >> Course: Data points). Let it display in DELPHIN to check whether the climatic data files are readable. The format of climatic data files are explained in the DELPHIN Help at Appendix >> Climate data file formats.

Material properties

Moisture-dependent heat conductivity

It is possible to define a moisture dependent heat conductivity for any material in DELPHIN, e.g. with absolute values of water content. Open the .m6 file of the material in a text editor and scroll to the bottom. Then enter the following or change it if this area already exists.

        FUNCTION = lambda(Theta_l)
          0     0.1     0.21
          0.6   0.8     0.88 

In the above example the thermal conductivity of the dry material is 0.6 W/mK. At porosity (0.21 m3/m3), the thermal conductivity is 0.88 W/mK. The function must begin with the pair of values lambda_dry and 0. It must end with the THETA_EFF value.

Using an own sorption isotherm

If scaling up or down of the sorption isotherm is not sufficient an own sorption isotherm can be entered. Now open the material file in an editor with F2. The Windows editor is not very useful for this task, other editors (such as PSPad, Notepad++ etc.) ease the work a lot. Afterwards the porosity (THETA_POR) und effective saturation (THETA_EFF) should be corrected.
The section after [MOISTURE_STORAGE] contains the moisture sorption isotherm. Delete all data till [MOISTURE_TRANSPORT]. Now type in FUNCTION = Theta_l(RH). DELPHIN subsequently awaits the water content in dependency ot the relative humidity (unit: -). In the next line type in the relative humidtiy starting with 0, ending with 1 and separated by spaces or tabs. In the connecting line follows the corresponding water content (unit: m3/m3) starting with 0, ending with the water content at effective saturation.


Windows error message api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll

With the first start of DELPHIN it might happen, that this error message appears: " [...] api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing". In this case you need to install the VC redistributable. You can download the installer either from MicroSoft's support page, or get the file vc-redist-x86_2015_win.exe from our Download page.

Set an useful editor to work with .d6p or m6-files

Using the predefined MS Editor creates a lot of problems and is not user-friendly. Therefore download an alternative editor and install it. Then set the path in DELPHIN to this new editor with >> File >> Preferences >> External tools. In the top field choose the .exe file of the new editor.


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