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COND License Information

COND with its user friendly interface and automatic reports allows efficient and fast generation of a hygrothermal construction analysis.

For commercial use a license is necessary. The license fee also gives access to e-mail support.

Commercial licenses are given with yearly fee. Generally, support is included for all valid commercial licenses. Also, during this time, all software updates are free.

License Types

Description Fee (+ VAT)
Commercial License
This license for commercial use of the software (expertises, industry projects, etc.) is personalised for one user. We use a yearly fee and a start fee for the first year. If COND is used by several persons, or installed and used on several computers concurrently, the appropriate number of licenses need to be purchased. Please ask for a quantity discount.

100,- € per year, 100,- € start fee
License for education
This license is exclusively for educational purposes and the use of the software on several machines in a computer pool. This license is always time-restricted.

Student license
Theses licenses are for students, who want to use COND in their studies. A commercial use of student licenses is not allowed. To obtain a license, mail us after the installation a proof of your student status, e.g. a (scanned) actual student ID, from your official student email account, such as These licenses are time restricted.

This price list is valid beginning with 10/01/2017.


Please send your order to

   cond [at]

and provide your contact information (billing and shipping address) and the required license type.

Note: To prevent spam, we have altered the e-mail address. Please replace [at] with the @ character.

You can also fax us your order:

   +49 (351) 463 32627


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